The Christening of The Beat Rust 4.28.12

We are excited to announce the first of many house shows!  Check out the upcoming shows tab for more listings and booking if you’d like to play!  Our first show will feature 2 artists from the Resurgem Collective in Portland, ME.

Gaelle Robin is a portland-based poet and singer/songwriter who was born and raised in rural maine. you might see gaelleworking the counter at local sprouts cooperative or sauntering down the brick sidewalks of the city. but, in their free time, they are most likely cuddling with their cat, pretending to play guitar or thinking about how the world is beautiful and crumbling at the same time

Christopher Pulsoni is an acoustic guitar player from Munjoy Hill in Portland Maine

Pineries (the house band)  are a trio of pals that create fiery spectrums of indie alt-pop on the second floor of a housing cooperative in Lewiston, ME. With abandoned mills, playing kids, and urban gardens as fodder for the sounds they make that stumble down the stairwell and into the downtown streets, Pineries love where they live to make music. Members are as follows: Denise Dill (on vocals, guitar, uke, keys, banjo), Jordan Berube (on guitar, banjo, keys), and Corbin Lichtinger (on drums, vocals, keys).

Hope you come out!

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