Booking Info

To inquire about booking a show with us contact us at:

Check out this video, from one of our shows. Thanks Roundpoint Movies

Here’s another video at one of our venue, Trinity Church


Save yourself some work and asks us about what equipment we have so you don’t have to lug all your stuff up a flight of stairs.  The basics include:

  • A Mackie Thump 15 PA speaker and mixing board with 4 inputs
  • Peavy Keyboard Amp with up to 3 inputs
  • 2 Blues Junior Electric Guitar Amps
  • 2 Mic stands and Shure 58 Mics
  • Full Custom drum set (inquire for more info)Our Spaces

    The Beat Rust is an all ages, respectful, open-minded, gender neutral safe space and listening room.  We expect you to drink responsibly if you do. Shows are held at least once a month at one of two locations:

    1. The Faire- Band A Part Housing Cooperative (Faire-Op), located at 75 Maple Street Apt. 1 & 2 in Lewiston, ME. It’s a 3-story blue building and the entrance is on the side opposite the garden. This venue suits both loud and quiet performances.  These shows are for our friends. At times we may host the show in our beautiful backyard.

    2. Trinity Church, located at 247 Bates Street in Lewiston, ME. The church has a beautiful red steeple and is on the corner of Bates and Spruce Street across from a top corner of Kennedy Park. Shows in this venue are held in the sanctuary, which is built for acoustic sound.  Some amplification is OK. These shows are for the wider public.

    Money Money Money

    We can’t make you a guarantee on that front, but we do promise to be as persistent as possible in encouraging folks to contribute.  We will pass our money jar many times throughout the night.  YOu are encouraged to bring stuff to sell, cuz that always helps ensure that you go home with something.

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